Beast of Fire

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Kresley and Lucan’s Story

Lucan’s human life was ripped from him by a demon known as a Darkland Beast, but he was saved by the Archangel Rafael to join the immortal Knights of White, as a protector of humanity. For two hundred years, Lucan served honorably but one fateful night, he did he unforgivable, the one thing he can never be saved from. Lucan vowed servitude to the leader of the Darkland Beasts, and the underworld in the process, and he did it to save a woman, a firestarter who the demon leader intended to use to destroy the Knights.

Kresley Ward has spent her life as a freak, unable to control her firestarting abilities, scaring away everyone who has ever been in her life, and afraid of hurting someone. She isn’t about to be the reason Lucan is destined for eternal hell. For the first time in her life, a new medical treatment has given her control over her ability to start fires, and she intends to put it to use. She’s going after Lucan and saving him no matter what the danger, or cost, to herself.

Passion and destiny will bring Lucan and Kresley together but will Kresley prove to be Lucan’s ultimate salvation or the the weapon that destroys the protectors of humanity, The Knights of White.


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