I’m back and blogging

With my move from New York to Colorado behind me I am blogging again. I’ll be doing lots of fun contests and regular posts. Look forward to seeing you all here. Happy Easter!!

And what did I do for Easter? Nothing fancy. Cici’s pizza buffet. But let me tell you I discovered something awesome there. Macaroni and cheese pizza! Anyone who knows me knows Mac N Cheese is my favorite and I love this pizza! You have to try it! How have I never known about this?


I’ll have updates on books soon! I know a lot of people are asking about my Knights of White though so a quick note. No more scheduled now. I have the next book written but its not very Nocturne friendly. I wrote it really beyond the guidelines so trying to decide what to do about that. I’m talking to my editor about options but she is on maternity leave. This is Lucian/Kresley’s book and it leads into Rock and Marisol’s story in a huge way at the end. I hope to have updates soon.