Damned, Delicious, and Dangerous

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“Night Sins” by Lisa Renee Jones

In the battle between good and evil, Kayla Ward knows vampires are strictly off limits. But Ethan’s dark sensuality and seductive allure leave her craving hot, passionate sex…


Kayla Ward is a moderator, part of a special group of women, born into magical bloodlines, able to control and communicate with the dead. Each moderator is assigned a city to defend against evil, living out their destiny to protect humanity. These women are also descendants of the magical ‘Circle of Seven Guardians’ who oversee the seven portals between this world and the spirit realm. Upon the death of a ‘Guardian’, higher powers will be gifted to one of these moderators. Which moderator will receive this gift is unknown to all.

As the moderator assigned to Las Vegas, Kayla works hard to stay off the radar of the Council, having built a reputation during her training for ‘walking the line’. Though her actions were always with good intentions, they nearly destroyed her chances of receiving a city assignment.

Now, a year after earning her assignment, Kayla faces a unique challenge and another opportunity to decide if she should ‘walk the line’ in the name of good over evil. Several bodies have been found, drained of their blood. The police speculate they have a serial killer on their hands although Kayla thinks differently. She believes a vampire is responsible.

Though vampires have evolved as a race, no longer needing to drink blood to survive, the criminals of their race still use it like a drug, desiring the high it offers them. Along with that high comes super strength Kayla knows she cannot face alone. Not without risk. To stop this killer before someone else is hurt, she concedes she must seek out help. And she knows where to go…Ethan Hunt, the sexy millionaire casino owner and vampire.

Considering vampires shun the leadership of the Council, involvement with Ethan is forbidden. Worse, this won’t be Kayla’s first time dealing with Ethan. Months before, Ethan aided her in a battle against a nasty demon. A detail she’d declined to share with the Council.

Since their first meeting, Ethan has made several appearances in her life, always unannounced. Each time they have met, her attraction to him has grown as do his obvious efforts at seduction. Ethan has become Kayla’s biggest secret and most alluring temptation. A temptation she can never dare explore. Seeking out Ethan’s help to catch this vicious vampire is a decision she doesn’t approach blindly. Any contact with Ethan represents potential trouble with the Council and even risks her role as moderator. And from what she knows of Ethan, she is certain he will demand a favor in return for helping her.

And she knows what he will want, what he has made clear he wants from their first meeting…her.


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