The Knights of White

The series idea for the Knights of White came from a trip I took to Brownsville, Texas, several years ago. While driving to the small border town, we drove through a Ranch that is bigger than all of Long Island. One thing led to another, and a conversation started about the Mexico border town not far from Brownsville where there is a legend known as the “Matamoros Beasts.” From there, the ideas began to evolve and the ranch became a home to demon hunters: The Knights of White who are overseen by the Archangel Raphael.

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Matamoros Beasts ~ The Legend ~ The Mythology ~ The Knights ~ The Women ~ The Enemy


El cucuy has roots deep in border folklore

By KEVIN GARCIA, The Brownsville Herald

October 31, 2005 — Its name is whispered in hushed tones. For mothers, it is the ultimate threat that keeps their sons and daughters in line. For children, it is the bogeyman, the closet monster and their worst nightmares rolled into one hideous being.

It is el cucuy.

Walk down any market in Brownsville or Matamoros and you can hear mothers invoke its name.

“Portate bien o te lleva el cucuy,” they say. “Behave, or the cucuy will get you.”

With today’s children obsessed with video games, movies and other features of modern life, why do they still fear the shadows at night? Why does this age-old monster still haunt them?

Cultural Creature

The beast is known by different names to different people throughout Latin America. It has been called cucuy, coco, cocu, chamuco and a dozen other titles.

Anthropology professor Tony Zavaleta explained that the “shadow figure” is a common myth passed between parent and child. Fathers traditionally tell children that there’s nothing under the bed or in the closet, while mothers tell the child to fear cucuy.

“One of my earliest recollections, being a little kid … is hearing the ladies raising kids always say ‘oo-ee,’” Zavaleta said. “That sound would alert the child of danger; it would alert them to the dark side. There was something out there that could get you.”

Pre-industrial societies create a conceptual fear creature to keep children away from dangerous places, a theme seen in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2004 blockbuster film “The Village.” These legends often continue as civilization develops, and new names are assigned to it.

“The cucuy is ours,” Zavaleta explained.

Social sciences professor Manuel Medrano said popular legend describes cucuy as a small humanoid with glowing red eyes that hides in closets or under the bed.

“Some lore has him as a kid who was the victim of violence … and now he’s alive, but he’s not,” Medrano said, citing Xavier Garza’s 2004 book “Creepy Creatures and other Cucuys.”

“He’s childlike with red eyes, and somewhere between life and death.”

The legend came from Latin America but has remained a strong part of border folklore.

“These creatures develop a permanence by word of mouth, from generation to generation, usually from the grandmother to the grandchild,” Medrano said. “It’s got an appeal not only because it is mysterious, but also because it is a good way of maintaining a child’s discipline.”

This bogeyman takes different forms depending on the family.

“You take a traditional (legend) like La Llorona, and you are going to get different versions,” Medrano said, referring to the popular ghost story. “Some people say she has blond hair and a skeleton face. Other people say she has black hair and a horse face.”

Zavaleta said descriptions change from family to family, but bogeyman legends are common worldwide.

“In every culture, there is that mythological monster,” Zavaleta said. “In modern times, it could be the chupacabra. It’s always a feeling that there is something just waiting to get you.”

Mysterious Monster

As more myths fall to the clarity of science, many people are trying to find the truth to monsters that hide in the night.

“They told me not to go out at night because cucuy would get me,” said Bob Melendez, paranormal investigator in Brownsville. “I was afraid to look under my bed.”

Although he dismissed such stories as he grew older, Melendez has come to view the tales in new light after interviewing people who have seen things they could not explain.

“Now, I think, maybe the old folks knew something more.”

The chupacabra is not a recent phenomenon according to Lynn David Livsey, president of the Brownsville Enlightenment Society, a group dedicated to understanding the unknown.

“Most civilizations have an oral history,” Livsey said. “Since it was not written down, we can say they are fairy tales or they didn’t really happen.”

Stories of small bloodthirsty creatures with glowing red eyes, like cucuy or chupacabra, have been around for years under different names.

“Before the chupacabra incidents, there were stories of bat-like creatures living in the Sierra Madre,” he said. “Are people crazy with nothing better to do, or is there something happening?”

In September 2004, a giant squid was captured on film for the first time, further cementing the existence of this once-mythical beast. Livsey hopes the same can be said for monsters along the border some day.

“With research, one day we will find answers to these mysteries,” he said.

Medrano said people often try to explain the unknown using terms that are familiar to their culture, such as spirits, ghosts, aliens or monsters.

“When something unknown happens, oftentimes, you say ‘The devil did it,’” he said. “The chupacabra is a little more contemporary and a little more rural, while the cucuy is more urban and indoors.”

Independent filmmaker Henry Serrato premiered his mockumentary “Search for the Chupacabra” in the 2005 CineSol Film Festival. The film mixed real and rehearsed interviews with people discussing how the chupacabra has become a modern cucuy for some parents.

“Mexican’s don’t practice ‘time out,’ so they put the fear of the bogeyman, the chupacabra or La Llorona in their children,” Serrato said. “Overtime the chupacabra just got tied in with Hispanic culture, even though it has not been around as long.”

Although seen as modern “urban legends,” monster stories are still used in indigenous parts of Latin America to keep children and adults inside at night.

“Once night falls, that’s when the creatures come out,” Zavaleta said. “Those fears are universal, it’s not just children.”

Different theories may be offered to explain away unknown monsters, but witnesses say nothing can challenge what they’ve seen.

In the early 1970s, Alex Resendez, along with his wife and son, saw what has been dubbed the “Big Bird.” Like the chupacabra, the giant bird was linked to livestock deaths, and like the cucuy, children were told it could come for them.

“I saw the bird twice, one time here in Brownsville and one time by Mission,” Resendez said.

The big bird menaced people in the 1970s, and the chupacabra was a blamed for animal deaths in the 1990s.

Serrato wonders if it isn’t time for a new cucuy to take the spotlight.

“Maybe another creature to pop up again, maybe it’s due for an appearance,” he said.

Whatever name is called, and whether or not it is ever caught, the cucuy will continue to frighten little children, and keep wary adults watching the shadows at night.


Matamoros Beasts ~ The Legend ~ The Mythology ~ The Knights ~ The Women ~ The Enemy


Sentenced to an eternity on earth for killing his brother Abel, Cain became angry and sought the favor of the Underworld. By doing so, it is said that he was granted magical powers and given leave from the physical plane. But his gifts came with a price. Cain must oversee the Darkland Beasts, evil beings who walk the earth. Hungry for power, he builds his army of Beasts, stealing male souls while simply using and discarding the females.

Over time, the scale of good and evil began to tilt. The Archangel Raphael, the healer of the earth, was given the duty of balancing the scale again. To do this, he assigned Salvador, his most trusted companion, the duty of saving those souls worthy of serving good against evil. These unique individuals, victims of the Darkland Beasts, are given back their souls and enlisted into an elite army…The Knights of White.

But in each of these Knights still lurks a Beast of Darkness that only they can completely dispel. Each Knight must face their Beast and defeat it. For the simple laws of the universe present a balance of good and evil, and these Knights have tasted the temptations of evil. They must prove they are worthy of the soul returned to them and capable of facing the Underworld without defeat.

These Knights must prove themselves worthy of a mate born of all that is pure and good. If they do so, then, and only then, will the Knight become all that he can be—a magical warrior against evil, gifted with a love that will guide him through darkness to light.


Matamoros Beasts ~ The Legend ~ The Mythology ~ The Knights ~ The Women ~ The Enemy


Darkland Beasts are demon foot soldiers who prey on humans. They steal the soul’s of men, turning them into demon’s who can hide in the form of a human by biting their shoulders and draining them of all of their blood. In demon form half their face is in the form of a grotesque beast. They are fanged and have one big red eye.

The women are partially converted, their souls left hanging in limbo while the beast who bit the woman controls her, making her do his bidding. The sexual favors of human women are often desired by the beasts.

A few chosen men are saved to become Knights of White. These men have their souls restored though they retain the superior physical strength of a demon. They do not shift into demon form though the touch of the demon still lingers on their soul. They must find their one perfect mate, the light to their darkness, or eventually they will turn back to the darkness of the beast.


The Darkland Beast wear a magical suit that cannot be cut and is bulletproof. It looks like heavy vinyl and upon the death of the beast it disappears.


How to kill a Darkland Beast – beheading – they do not bleed. Instead they go up in flames and then turn to ash – these flames are fires of hell and burn even in water.


The Sabre Sword is the chosen weapon of the Knights of White. Guns will do nothing but slow down a Darkland beast and even then several bullets through the head must be used.

Sabre also spelled Saber, is a heavy military sword with a long cutting edge and, often, a curved blade, derived from a Hungarian cavalry sword introduced from the Orient in the 18th century; also a light fencing weapon developed in Italy in the 19th century for duelling. The military sabre had been relegated to a ceremonial role by the 20th century, while the fencing sabre had become one of the sport’s standard weapons. (Source: Britannica)


Visit for more exceptional edged weapons.


How to kill a Knight of White – A Knight can be killed by beheading but unlike a Beast, a Knight has blood, and can bleed to death if there is enough lost blood. Knights heal quickly with rest but they also have a magical healer who can cure their injuries immediately if she is available to do so. This healer can only heal so many at once though before her powers must be recharged.


ArchangelsArchangels & Archeiai: The Archangels are the captains of all the angelic hosts, having been created as the foremost hierarchs in the angelic kingdom. They are majestic beings who personify divine attributes and are at the service of the mankind of earth. They work tirelessly to defeat evil and promote good. The Archangels have divine complements or twin flames, just as people do. Their feminine counterparts are called Archeiai. (The singular noun is Archeia, and the plural is Archeiai.) Together the Archangels and Archeiai focus the masculine and feminine, or alpha and omega, polarities of the particular color, or ray, of spiritual light on which they serve. Praying to one always invokes the assistance of the other as well.

The Archangels predate us by millions of years and are reported to have been our first teachers on the spiritual path. They are also described as divine architects, whom God uses to draft and execute the plans for his projects. They are cosmic builders and designers in the grandest sense of the word, arcing to our minds the divine blueprint for every endeavor, from the smallest to the greatest.

All of the Archangels are also healers who come as master surgeons to mend our souls and four lower bodies – etheric, mental, emotional and physical. Imagine the power of the Archangels, who for millions of years have done nothing but affirm the reality of God and expand spiritual light in their being. Then when they are in our midst, they minister to us and purify us by transmitting the immense increments of light that they have garnered. Using this boost of energy from the angels properly can help us make much greater progress in our daily life and on the spiritual path.


Archangel Raphael: Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God has healed” or “God shall heal,” is concerned with our suffering and with every affliction of the sons of men.

He is charged with the sacred duty to heal the earth and to heal mankind of its maladies.


The Second Heaven (Raquia or Raqia)

The 2nd heaven Raquia is ruled by the Archangels Raphael and Zachariel, and, according to Enoch, it is within this heaven that the fallen angels are imprisoned waiting final judgment in complete darkness. This was at one time supposed to be the dwelling place of John the Baptist.

To read more about the 7 Heaven’s and Earths, please visit:

Also, as the stories of THE KNIGHTS OF WHITE progress, you will be able to learn more about those heavens.


King Solomon is known in mythology to have been in the good graces of God and was gifted with magic among many other favors for his loyalty. Late in life Solomon was thought to have turned away from God and worshipped other Gods. As Solomon was building a temple that is full of magical secrets from his time in God’s favor, he was gifted with a magic ring that he used to control demons:

When Solomon prayed to God for help in the building of the Temple, God answered with the gift of a magic ring, which the Archangel Raphael delivered to the Hebrew king.

The ring, engraved with a five-pointed star, The Star of Solomon, had the power to subdue all demons. It was with this ‘slave labor’ of demons that Solomon was able to complete the building of the Temple.

In The Knights of White, the leader of the Knights, Jag, possesses this ring, gifted to him by his mentor Salvador.


The Star of David – in my stories it is The Star of Solomon. I did this by choice, symbolic of a new age of Solomon’s magic becoming a part of the present times.


Mating: The Star of Solomon appears on the female’s arm once mating is complete. Mating occurs when the Knight bites the female on the shoulder. The only time the Knights ever have extended eye teeth is when the mating process is taking place.


Orb – transport magically through space


Matamoros Beasts ~ The Legend ~ The Mythology ~ The Knights ~ The Women ~ The Enemy



Hero in The Knights of White #1: The Beast Within

How old am I? I don’t remember. Too damn old. Eternity it seems sometimes. As leader of the Knights I’m supposed to keep them all alive. It can make a day of battle feel like a lifetime. Not that they kill easy. Still, behead them, and they die. I’ve lost a few Knights and that’s too many. (Pauses and looks down for an moment) Salvador claims I was saved to serve a greater purpose. That I have a pure soul and that’s why the Beasts wanted me.(Disgusted sound)Whatever. I say it’s compelete bullshit. I’m here to fight and I do it well. I should. It’s all I live for. No. (A muscle in his jaw jumps) It’s more than that. The Darklands stole my life. I don’t want them taking anybody elses. I want them stopped. No. I want their very existence terminated.


Hero in The Knights of White #2: Beast of Desire

Ninety-nine years and 12 days. That’s how old I am. Well, unless you start counting from the day I became a Knight. Then I’m seventy plus 12 days. Unlike Jag, I don’t mind counting the days. This life doesn’t suck so much to me. We have it pretty good as far as I see it. We don’t get sick. We heal fast when injured in battle.(Smiles)The sex is damn good. Gotta love that primal instinct we have. (laughs and wiggles his brows) The women damn sure do. (Get’s serius) Besides..we matter. What we do matters. Nobody even missed me when I died. But now…now I have a purpose. And Jag needs me. The man is seriously f’d up. Somebody has to keep his head on straight. I mean, the man fights evil, and he names his horse Diablo. That is borderline sick. The horse should be called ‘Able’. As in, the only living creature ABLE to understand Jag. I try though. I really try. But a man has limits.


 The other Knights think I’m young and impulsive. Like 50 is young. (Shakes head). Not that I care. I mean, I do what I do. I kick Darkland ass. It’s why I’m here. Why the hell do we need to stand around and talk about it. Just kick ass and be done with it already. I hesitated once…It cost me everyone I loved. (Heavy sigh) Anyway, I won’t make that mistake again. I don’t give a damn how hard the guys pressure me. If I see trouble I’m gonna shut it down. If they don’t like, well, f* em’. (Shrug) You know?


Hero in The Knights of White #4: Captive of the Beast

Talk doesn’t save lives. Actions do. In some ways, I get Rock for that reason. Still, the boy needs to learn some discipline. In the military you learn to focus and then act. Rock…he charges into things without having his head screwed on straight. (Shoves his cowboy hat back with his index finger)Rock just wants vengence. We’ll I’ve got news for that boy. We all do. But vengenece can get your ass killed. Shit. I watched every damn one of my platoon get killed by the Darklands. They were the only family I had. But I don’t let it eat me up inside like Rock does. I let it simmer. Rock needs to learn that vengence is better served when nicely warmed over. That’s when it packs the biggest punch. That’s when it does the damage.

And then there is the one who leads the leader. The mentor to Jag…



A direct descendant of Raphael, he has a hidden past and secrets held tightly concealed. He has a mission driven by the purpose these secrets have given him. He is both the creator and mentor of Jag and his Knights.


Hero in The Knights of White #3: Beast of Darkness

No one knows where he came from, where he trained, or how he became a Knight of White.


Matamoros Beasts ~ The Legend ~ The Mythology ~ The Knights ~ The Women ~ The Enemy



Heroine in The Knights of White #1: The Beast Within

She was Caroline in a prior life and Jag’s wife. She was killed by the Darklands. She alone can guide Jag to accepting his destiny.

Karen lost her parents to a car accident, just as she lost friends to the drugs so popular near the Mexico border. She went off to college, leaving Brownsville behind and begging her kid sister Eva to follow. But there was no convincing Eva who had met a man who she ended up marrying. After college, Karen became a reporter for a travel magazine, seeing the world, looking for something she didn’t understand but needed. Something that pushed her to explore new places, to look for a way to fill a void that she felt deep inside.


Eva is Karen’s sister. She comes so close to conversion to Darkland that Karen barely saves her. In the end, Eva becomes the first female Knight.

Eva is the sister who plays it safe, growing up with plans for a white picket fence and kids. When her husband is killed by the Darkland Beasts as a way to lure Karen home, Eva’s world is turned upside down. Her entire world is about to change in ways she could never imagine possible.


She is the healer to the Knights of White, able to heal with angel magic. Her past is mysterious, her duty to serves the Knights under the direct supervision of Salvador. Pleasures of the physical are off limits to Marisol. No matter how much she desires, no matter how much she yearns, she cannot cave to human needs. It is part of the test, she is undergoing. A test only Salvador understands. A test born of a past life where she sought vengeance. A test she is determined to pass. There is only one problem…she has fallen in love with one of the Knights.


Heroine in The Knights of White #2: Beast of Desire

Her father is a senator, a self-made millionaire of humble beginnings. Her mother was an archeologist who died of cancer before she could find the treasure she sought, the magical box that holds a list of angelic bloodlines. Jessica is about to find out why that list was so important to her mother.


Heroine in The Knights of White #3: Beast of Darkness

Dead People speak to Sarah as they did her mother and she often assists police with investigations. When she was 18 a demon possessed a close friend and killed her parents and she now feels she must live a life of solitude afraid of drawing evil to those around her.


Heroine in The Knights of White #4: Captive of the Beast

She has special gifts, the ability to manipulate objects with her mind and extreme intuitiveness. Her parents fear these gifts will make her a lab rat so she is taught from an early age to hide her talents. This drives her to a desperate need to fit in and she becomes a doctor and scientist, striving to find a way to cure people like herself. When she isolates the gene that creates special powers she garners government interest and just as her parents feared, there are those who want to misuse her work, and her talents.


Matamoros Beasts ~ The Legend ~ The Mythology ~ The Knights ~ The Women ~ The Enemy


 The Darkland Beasts

Soulless soldiers of the Underworld ruled by Adrian beneath Cain’s hand. These are the creatures behind the ‘Monster and Boogeyman’ stories that haunt Mexico and the border cities. Killing them means beheading them.

The leader of the Darklands: ADRIAN

He is evil beyond comprehension and seeks power at all cost.

Black Dog

He is the leader of the shape shifting Hell Hounds, a group of servants to Adrian gifted to him by Cain.


The second in charge to Adrian, he is evil and power hungry. He wants the power that is Adrian’s and believes he can undermine him and win Cain’s favor.